Solar Panels from Flogas Renewables

With continuously rising energy costs Solar PV Panels are fast becoming the system of choice for consumers and businesses looking to reduce their energy bills. Flogas Renewables works with IBC SOLAR to offer photovoltaic panels and solar energy systems that can pay for themselves in as little as seven years. These systems can also provide a property with free electricity for the life of the system, making them a sustainable and valuable energy resource for the future.

The True Cost of Solar Panels

Used for electricity generation, the photovoltaic panels on Solar PV systems rely on daylight rather than radiation to generate power. They are made up of cells that contain chemically treated silicon, as the chemicals react to the light they create an electric field producing a direct current which is then fed into an inverter. The inverter converts the DC power produced by the array into AC power which is either used on-site or exported to the utility grid. Generating electricity in this way offsets the initial installation investment meaning solar panels cost less the earlier they are installed.
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